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The main part of all Spanetics’ products is its Spanish flash cards. Our 2.5 x 5 inch flash cards are very unique. While there are other Spanish flash cards on the market that are good, there are none like ours. Our flash cards are different due to the use of phonetics. For example, the right front side of our cards has images, colored-squares, letters and numbers. On the left front side of the card is a word of that image, colored-square, letter or number in Spanish. The unique aspect, which differentiates our card from the competition, is the reverse side of each card. On the rear of the card there is a phonetic word, in parenthesis, to help individuals pronounce the word in Spanish. Click here to view an example of one of our 265 flash cards that we offer.

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We also have taken the time to record 2 CD’s to further strengthen ones learning. There are a total of 25 tracks. Some of the tracks are tutorials, but other tracks contain sound effects to be used in conjunction with the cards. Click here view CD’s and list of tracks.

Also, we offer 3 types of charts in size 8.5 x 11. These charts give basic phonetic instruction about letters and numbers in Spanish.

All items can be purchased separately, but we highly recommend that you buy all items as a kit. Click here for prices and item numbers. Orders can be placed via the web by using our Paypal buttons on the right-sidebar.

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Our Catalog

I. Spanetics Kit includes all item numbers, but each kit can only contain either the 2 discs.

1. SPAN2000 $49.95

II. Spanish flash card item numbers

1. SPAN-1 total of 60 cards $10.99
2. SPAN-2 total of 60 cards $10.99
3. SPAN-3 total of 60 cards $10.99
4. SPAN-4 total of 60 cards $10.99
5. SPAN-8 bonus pack $7.99

III. Disc item numbers

1. SPANCD1 $9.99
2. SPANCD2 $9.99

IV. Laminated alphabet and number charts

1. SPAN-7B2 (letter chart) $4.99
2. SPAN-7D4 (number chart) $4.99
3. SPAN-7E5 (letter and number chart) $4.99

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Includes all item numbers, but each kit can only contain either the 2 discs.
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PO Box 466273
Lawrenceville, GA 30042

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